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Updated: October 13, 2020

 John Moreno has Passed
We recently recovered a notification that was sent to our website some time ago notifying us that classmate John Moreno had passed away in 2015. Additional details are provided on the In Memory page of this website. 

50-Year Reunion Planning Underway
The EBHS Class of 1971 Class Reunion Committee, and interested classmates, have started planning the 50-Year Reunion! There will be three events: 1) a Happy Hour/Social Greet and Meet to be held at Wes Bradford's home on Friday June 11, 2021; 2) a Class of '71 Dinner at Luigi's on Saturday June 12, 2021 and 3) a Family Picnic at Hart Park on Sunday, June 13, 2021. Details, costs and registration information will be made available ON THIS SITE in March 2021. If you are interested in helping with planning or organizing any of these activities please contact Bobby Scrivner through our Facebook page - EBHS Class of '71 or by email at sscrivner@bak.rr.com.   

 Check Out Our Facebook Page!

At our Facebook page you can see photos and plans of current luncheons planned every month by several of our classmates. Check it out - stay connected!


Currently we are missing 244 classmates! We need your help to find them and let them know about the 50-year reunion. Maybe YOU are one of the 244 - if so, or if you have information that we can use to contact them please go to the "Missing Classmates" page and click on the classmate's name and let us know what you know! 


Please register to add your contact information and get your log-in and password (it's FREE!).  Hit the "Classmates" button and then follow the instructions to register.  Once you're registered you will receive updates and information about the NEXT Reunion.  If you missed the 45-year reunion - we still need you to register so we can keep in touch.  There will be NO MAILING - we will contact Classmates only by email and the web. WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY! No information (email, address, phone, etc.) will be shared unless YOU say so! All information is Password Protected.
QUESTIONS? - click on CONTACT US on the sidebar!


- Pictures from the 40-Year Reunion are posted on the photoAlbum and Reunion Pics pages (4 pages!). 
- The Panoramic Senior Pic is on Reunion Pics Page 4 (posted in 2-parts)

 1971 Tidbits - The Sylmar Earthquake happened, voting age (26th Amendment) was lowered from 21 to 18, average gallon of gas in the U.S was 40 cents, FedEx is started, Jim Morrison died, Dirty Harry and Shaft hit the boxoffice!

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